Objective 10 Final Scene

Final Scene

Floor: Texture Map + Bump Map + Specular Map + Glossy Reflections

Golf Ball: Bump Map + Glossy Reflections

Bottle: Texture Map + Refraction + Reflection + Normal Interpolation

Apple: Texture Map + Glossy Reflections + Normal Interpolation

Pointer: Reflections + Normal Interpolation + Modelled by me :)

Scene: Area Light (Soft Shadows) + Tone Mapping + Anti Aliasing

Bonus: Environment Map + Specular Map + KdTrees + Depth of Field

Render Time: 4m 10s with 8 threads on 2.2GHz i7

Here is a 4K version that took ~17 billion rays and 4 hours to render.

Sources: Water Bottle - Apple - Environment Map - Wood

That's it. The show's over. You can go home now.